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Where Mangoes Grow: David and Nadege 'Dee' Andre Bring Island Charm to Tampa

Meet David and Nadege "Dee" Andre, the creative forces behind Mangos Cafe & Specialty Store – your go-to spot in Tampa for delicious food and positive vibes. Hailing from Haiti and inspired by Miami's culinary scene, the Andres'  mission is all about uniting people through food and community.


Growing up, Dee's kitchen was the heart of family gatherings, where she discovered her love for cooking and fresh, local ingredients, especially the sweet mangoes from her backyard. This blend of island charm and urban flair sets the energetic tone at Mango's. The name "Mangos" honors Dee's heritage and cherished childhood memories, aiming to bring a taste of tropical paradise to Tampa.


What began as Mangos Catering Services has blossomed into the thriving hub that is Mangos Cafe & Specialty Store. Driven by Dee's passion for serving up mouthwatering dishes with flair.


At Mangos, each dish showcases the Andres' commitment to quality and talent for crafting perfectly balanced flavors. Beyond the food, it's about fostering a sense of community – welcoming everyone to be part of the #MainMangs tribe. With Dee's husband, sons, and sister all playing a role, Mangos truly feels like a family affair, ensuring a seamless experience whether they're cooking up delights in the kitchen or warmly greeting guests at the counter.


Join David, Dee, and the team on this flavorful journey, where every meal celebrates taste, culture, and good times. Step into Mangos Cafe & Specialty Store – where every bite is a celebration, the food is always fire, and the vibe is always right.

Savor the sweetness of Mangos:

Join the #mainMangs Family

At Mangos Cafe, we're more than just a restaurant – we're a vibrant community united by our love for delicious food and shared experiences. Join our #MainMangs family and be the first to know about events, specials, and more!

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