Yoelina Dejesus

First time having lunch there with my family today and it was amazing! Will definitely be back and support our Caribbean people ❤️

LaJessica Mathis-Mendosa

If you’ve come across Mango or this review do yourself a favor and just go there! Go and let your taste buds be wowed! Trust me go let yourself be blessed! I went to Mangos Saturday for the first time on Saturday…and WOW! I had a wonderful experience and the food was fantastic. My sister saw this place online and told me about it. I called ahead of time and the woman who answered the phone was so kind I knew I had to go in. The resturant was very clean and the food was presented beautifully. I wanted to try everything. Her sister served me and she was the embodiment of grace and warmth. I ended up getting the cajun rice, stew beef, collard greens and mac n cheese with cornbread (see photo). I also got a side of sweet potatoes and a Caribbean key lime pound cake (I’m telling you I wanted to try everything!). The food smelled so good that I had to taste it when I got in the car. <DRAMATIC PAUSE> When I tell you it was beyond GOOD…. I planned on just taking a bite and I ended up just sitting there eating in my car, I couldn’t put it down. It was so DELICIOUS and fresh I had to call inside and tell the owner how awesome it was and how much I enjoyed her resturant. She was humble and appreciative of my call. I just love everything about her, her sister and her establishment.

Smith Robin

I truly love Mangos Cafe! The Curry Chicken, Oxtails to love ❤️! Everything was loved omg the rum cake I wish I can purchase a whole one. Yes I will always return for lunch/dinner. To Mrs. Kathy Lewis I thank you for sharing Mangos with me.

Pastor D

My wife and I are hooked on Mangos Cafe; the food is delicious and the prices are right on the money...the atmosphere is cozy and inviting and the service is second to none...love this place!!!


Maaaaan... Mangos is the truth! Food so good, I'm getting hungry just writing about it. If you are looking for some great food and positive vibes, Mangos is where it's at!


Mango's offers delicious dishes with an excellent presentation, and with a friendly smile. Mango's is great for special occasions or a good meal. I have always been pleased.


She will not disappoint!! Her food was A-MAZ-ING and so was the service. She catered a work event for us and I promise there wasn't a single person unsatisfied. I'm so excited that she is opening up this restaurant so I can try some of her other dishes. I am truly hooked and once you try her cooking so will you. #mainmangs


Her food is so good. We had the seafood boil. We’re going to have to order it again.

Bre Breezy

Glad I had the opportunity to taste some of Nadege cooking at the West Main Exchange pop up. The individual plate of Caribbean rice and jerk chicken was on point!


Miss Dee was very professional, you can tell she’s very passionate of what she do! Her food was very tasty. She’s the best!! Can’t wait to do business with you in the future.

Noah Andre

She has the best Mouth-Watering Food! I love it! :D

Nneka Carter

Great customer service and communication. The food was awesome! No complaints from my friends and family. I will highly recommend. I intend on using the services again in the future. Very pleased. I will be spreading the word...the world should know about Mangos Catering Services.

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