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Cheryl P.

I saw a post about Mango’s on Instagram. Although all the food looked phenomenal and the reviews were great; I was wary about going. My husband and I visited a 5 star/great review Instagram restaurant the week before that had horrible service and mediocre food. Well, I’m ecstatic I did! The service and more importantly food was stupendous. I ordered three meals; 2 oxtails and BBQ jerk chicken (my kids started eating before I could take the picture). Everyone agreed the food was phenomenal. My son said “this is the first place where everything was good” ( the other sides were cabbage, yams and dirty rice). The Pineapple Lemonade was great I wished I’d ordered two. Oh and let’s not forget about the amazing Service. Everyone there were spectacular. Patient, professional and personable! You are welcomed when you come in and wished a great day when you leave. Mango Cafe will definitely be our go to spot. If you have not been, make time to experience this gem.

Patricia Williams

I am sooooooo happy that I found this restaurant on IG! The food is soooooo good!!! I had the Caribbean food and Soul Foid Sunday!!! Both options were excellent!!!! My dad really enjoyed it and so did I! My new go to spot for fresh home cooked food in Tampa!!!! Keep up the great work and friendly customer service!!!!

Dakid KJ

1000 out of 10…honey chicken and bbq chicken


Today was my first time eating here omg food was great lots of flavor staff and owner very nice


Omg🥰I can not say enough about Mangos my son and I got every Friday for their RumPunch and my co workers and I go for lunch and everything, every time is always on point, I just went on my birthday and got a drink for my birthday it was amazing and so is the service 😘😘Thanks Mango crew

Nicole Pauley

Came in for the fried chicken but ended up getting the jerk chicken. It was delicious and flavorful. The best jerk food I have ever had. Awesome lunch date with my son.


My first time here and the food was amazing. Definitely will be my go to for Caribbean and soul food anytime I’m in this area for sure 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


First time eating at Mangos Cafe and the oxtails were amazing!!! Everything was very fresh and delicious! I rate Mangos Cafe 10 plus plus.


My friend and I came here for the first time and the food was amazing! The staff was super friendly, and they even offered a student discount for those who attend USF. We will be back again!


I have to be quite honest, I’ve been wanting to try this cafe for some time and was so hyped to do so this past Saturday 11/5. However, we were very disappointed with our food as well as the customer service. We ordered the honey fried chicken , dirty rice, cabbage and Mac and cheese. There were already 3 pcs of chicken available which went onto my plate and then we were told it would be a SMALL wait for chicken for the 2nd plate. Well the wait was anything but small. We waited 30 mins before finally asking the cashier how much longer on the wait for chicken. She checked then came back and stated ANOTHER 10 mins (which actually turned out to be 15mins). Meanwhile, we’re sitting and just watching all these other customers get food and leave. The wait was entirely too long for 3pcs of chicken. And we were offered nothing in accommodation for the inconvenience (not even a drink). We did get an “sorry for the wait” though. Finally revived the food and headed to the parking lot to eat. Apparently the fried chicken that was already available that went on my plate was OLD ! It had to be from a previous day and then just reheated because it was dry and tough and my drum had a big pocket of old dried blood smh. Cabbage had peas and string beans it (huh?) and macaroni was flavorless. Smh. Overall, not a good experience for $32. Don’t think I’ll be going back. IG brought us to the cafe . The food looks really good on social media but definitely didn’t live up to our expectations. Very disappointed smh.

Yoelina Dejesus

First time having lunch there with my family today and it was amazing! Will definitely be back and support our Caribbean people ❤️

LaJessica Mathis-Mendosa

If you’ve come across Mango or this review do yourself a favor and just go there! Go and let your taste buds be wowed! Trust me go let yourself be blessed! I went to Mangos Saturday for the first time on Saturday…and WOW! I had a wonderful experience and the food was fantastic. My sister saw this place online and told me about it. I called ahead of time and the woman who answered the phone was so kind I knew I had to go in. The resturant was very clean and the food was presented beautifully. I wanted to try everything. Her sister served me and she was the embodiment of grace and warmth. I ended up getting the cajun rice, stew beef, collard greens and mac n cheese with cornbread (see photo). I also got a side of sweet potatoes and a Caribbean key lime pound cake (I’m telling you I wanted to try everything!). The food smelled so good that I had to taste it when I got in the car. <DRAMATIC PAUSE> When I tell you it was beyond GOOD…. I planned on just taking a bite and I ended up just sitting there eating in my car, I couldn’t put it down. It was so DELICIOUS and fresh I had to call inside and tell the owner how awesome it was and how much I enjoyed her resturant. She was humble and appreciative of my call. I just love everything about her, her sister and her establishment.

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