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It all began one evening in Nadege's childhood kitchen....

Nadege’s experience and training in cooking, and preparing flavorful dishes, seasonings, and drinks started when she was a child. She began cooking in her parents kitchen for family gatherings and large family events. She received many requests to prepare meals from family and friends as she did what she loves… That is Cooking and seeing the faces of everyone who partakes as they enjoy her labor of love. This has become a family business, as you will see her husband, son, and a few other family members join in at setting up and serving at the events she caters. Our events can provide you with West Indian, Jamaican, Haitian Creole, Louisiana Creole, Soul Food Cuisine, and Caribbean favorites. You can opt to have any style in vegan friendly  preparation as well.

Did you know these amazing facts about Nadege Andre....

How did Nadege come up with the name "Mangos"?


You can't think of the tropics and not think of mangos. Being born in the islands, mangos was a big part of Nadege's life. Even after moving to Miami, her parents grew mangos. Nadege would go to the back or front yard of the house and pick out a succulent sweet mango. Mangos are life! 



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